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Website Future State Media

  • Full Time
  • 37.5 hrs in (GMT+1)
  • $1500-2500 USD / Month

Website Future State Media

  • Full Time
  • 37.5 hrs in (GMT+1)
  • $1500-2500 USD / Month

Website Future State Media

About the role
We are looking for an enthusiastic Sales Manager who has the enthusiasm and potential to drive new leads and sales to our company. Processes, training and direction on our existing systems will be provided. You’ll need to be excited by the opportunity to take ownership for the development of the sales process and sales and marketing strategy.

We seek a sales Manager to source prospects for our digital growth agency and close sales with them. The successful candidate will be responsible for selling our range of capabilities including website development and SEO marketing services. The role is a great opportunity for someone with a proven sales record looking to prove themselves as a sales leader; crafting a strategy, delivering on it, attracting leads by participating in the customer community and converting those leads into sales.

You’ll be in charge of executing all the sales-related tasks, analysing the progress and results, and providing your expertise to help the company grow! You will be expected to deliver an amazing amount of value to our sales efforts, while being supported by experienced marketers in each field.

The quality of sales prospects and customers in the digital marketing space is absolutely critical for a profitable and successful agency. As such, the sales approach expected will require active participation in the niche communities in which we sell our services – we will support you in becoming a figurehead for the business in this regard.

You are not limited to the responsibilities outlined in this role. There are more opportunities that you could get involved in at Future State Media depending on your skills and interests. We are interested in helping you grow your skills, and as our work together grows, you’ll get hands-on education to make sure you are getting top-notch training.

Main role responsibilities:
⇢  Develop a winning sales strategy, collaborating with the delivery team leaders

⇢  Build prospect lists

⇢  Conduct consistent outreach to target accounts/contacts

⇢  Drive opportunities through the qualification of inbound and outbound leads

⇢  Lead generation through participation in the target customer communities

⇢  Conducting targeted prospect research to build a robust pipeline of leads

⇢  Negotiate Pricing and manage proposal creation and delivery

⇢  Build / refine our offers based on customer needs as a part of a team

⇢  Close deals, handling objections and gaining insights from follow-ups, successes and failures

⇢  Build strong and lasting relationships with clients

⇢  Ensure that all sales pipelines are up to date, including tasks, calls, and meetings

⇢  Prepare and track monthly sales goals reports

⇢  Assist in the internal briefing of project teams regarding new deals closed

⇢  Collaborate with the marketing team to generate new ideas that drive sales

Tools used:
⇢ Lemlist

⇢ Slack

⇢ CRM: Hubspot

⇢ Asana

⇢ Harvest

⇢ GSuite (Google Drive, Gmail Gchat, Google Meet)

You’ll have full support from your manager, who you will work directly with, along with other team members and a range of SOPs and information.

Attitude is everything! We are seeking someone who is passionate, self-motivated and highly organized to work on a variety of marketing activities. We are going to be working closely together, hopefully for a long time, so a sense of humor will go a long way.

Requirements for the Role

⇢  Be an outgoing relationship builder – You’ll be the outward facing communicator to the market for the business, building authentic relationships and adding value to the community as part of the sales process.

⇢  Excellent written and spoken English – You will be working directly with potential customers so excellent written and spoken English skills are essential.

⇢  High attention to detail – You must have excellent attention to detail and the ability to accurately proof your own work.

⇢ Commitment to providing the highest standards of customer service

⇢ Have a strong understanding of digital marketing – You will be selling digital marketing services so a good understanding of the industry is a must

⇢ Results-oriented attitude and tactical approach to sales – You will be expected to bring direct sales to the company and if sales goals excite you – this job is for you.

⇢  Able to learn new software tools and systems quickly – We use a variety of systems including Lemlist, Hubspot CRM, Asana, Harvest, GSuite (Sheets and Documents), Gmail, and others so you’ll need to be willing and able to to learn fast. Any experience with the listed tools is a plus

⇢ Self-motivated, highly organized and confident in asking questions – You’ll be working remotely and communicating with the team online. It is important that you are a self-starter, highly organized and confident to be able to ask for help when needed.

⇢ Hard-working – You need to be able to juggle and prioritize tasks and projects, completing them in a timely manner.

⇢ Available to work at least 6 hours overlapping with the UK time zone

⇢ Ideally have 3 years + experience in sales. Brownie points out if you have experience in selling digital marketing services.

● This is a full-time role, so that is a minimum of 37.5 hours per week.  Available to work at least 6 hours of your working days (Monday – Friday) with an overlap with the UK Time zone

● 100% remote, you can work from anywhere you choose, so long as you have a fast and consistent internet connection, your own computer and a webcam.

● Salary of $1500-2500+ per month and is commensurate with experience and desire to grow

● 20 days holiday per year

● 10 days official holiday based on your location and religion

● Work directly with the CEO and have lots of opportunities to run with your own ideas, make improvements and learn new skills

● Access to high-value training materials and courses

● We have a focus on quality over quantity and are focused on building our agency sustainably

● Opportunity to grow your salary, as that offered is very much seen as a “starting point” for someone who wants to establish themselves as a key member of the management team

● Commission structure discussions to be had based on markets, targets and offers

How to Apply

If you’re interested in applying then please take a moment to fully review and consider the

Requirements above.

If this excites you and you meet the requirements (or most of them at least) then we’d love you to apply.  To apply:

  • Fill out this application: Application Form
  • Shoot a short video of up to 3 minutes telling us why you want this job. At the end of the application form, you will be able to attach your video.

Sales Manager at Future State Media

Future State Media provides a range of digital marketing services for our clients that work with us. We help them to understand the marketing world and come up with cost effective strategies for them to succeed. Our core client base to date have primarily been digital entrepreneurs who are operating in the eCommerce space. Looking to the future, we’re actively refining our niche target audience to whom we deliver a range of digital marketing services including website design, build and maintenance, SEO, content production, through to influencer marketing and social media management. Our services include Search Engine Optimisation (on page and off page), full turnkey management of websites, full website build services including eCommerce, website management (updates, security and general optimisation), Pinterest Management, Social Media Management, Collaboration Management (influencer marketing), Email Marketing, eCommerce strategy development and financial modelling and eCommerce SEO, keyword research, content writing, content upload and optimisation, Our online team is spread across the world from the Philippines, the UK, Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine). We have a culture of innovation and learning. We describe "2 rooms" in our business, the engine room and the innovation room. Culturally we want to harbour an understanding that there are many activities we perform which generate the revenue and financial freedom for us to do more creative and innovative activities which unlock even more challenges and opportunities for us and our clients. We work in a fast paced world where nothing is all that permanent. As such we're in favour of "hitting publish" or "shipping it" - don't sweat the small stuff - especially when we can go back and edit any issues we find. Delay is the enemy - getting things wrong is just one more step in the direction of progress.

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