We are because of others

Virtual Staff South Africa is built around the ethos of Ubuntu − I am because you are, and we are continually inspired by the amazing skills and work ethos of South Africans. Therefore, Virtual Staff South Africa has as its goal to connect great South Africans with businesses abroad seeking eagerly to hire top talent. In the process, we want to elevate the unemployment rate in South Africa, boost the future of these bright and eager South Africans working remotely, and showcase just how amazing the people of South Africa are to the rest of the world, as South Africa is often overlooked when it comes to outsourcing, despite being the prime location for it. 


Our commitment to you

Virtual Staff SA is the best online platform to find from which to hire native-English-speaking remote South African staff.

We have made building a remote team in South Africa easy, simple, and available to everyone.


Our commitment to you

Virtual Staff South Africa is the safest place to find long-term online jobs in South Africa.

Whether you want to work part-time or full-time, you can select from the thousands of online and remote jobs posted daily on Virtual Staff SA.

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