South Africa has become the most sought-after location from which to hire virtual assistants & general staff for businesses around the world.

Some might wonder

Why South Africa?

However, the answer is straightforward: businesses and entrepreneurs can hire exceptionally high-quality staff, with native English who can effortlessly handle any business matters ranging from those found in customer services and administrative tasks to much more complex fields such as the legal and financial world. It is no secret that this beautiful country of South Africa has been labeled the outsourcing destination of choice by leading global companies.

Hiring remote staff is generally a growing trend, however South Africa is one of the smartest places to hire from. Our platform connects the best talent from South Africa with entrepreneurs, small to large businesses, and startups. Recruiting staff from South Africa offers the global business hub many benefits, which outweigh talent sourcing from Asia and South America.

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Here’s why!

The top reasons for hiring virtual assistants from South Africa are:

  • Ideal time zone (GMT +2), which means that they can help businesses located in Europe, the Middle East, the United States, and Canada without having to work in the middle of the night.
  • English is the native language of many, and a language is spoken commonly by the vast majority of South Africans. This means that intercontinental communication is much better than other countries, where people typically outsource.
  • Add to this that South Africans share cultural similarities with the West. South African people are, therefore, ideally suited for pretty much any remote work you can imagine. Also, South Africans generally integrate effortlessly with foreign companies, and the South African English accent is neutral, so businesses do not have the issues many have with Eastern Europeans or Asians, whose accents can be too strong and difficult to make out sometimes. 
  • South Africans are known for their work ethics and for being self-driven and well-organized.
  • Plus, South African people are highly skilled, from technical to creative, and are speedy learners.
  • South Africans are honest − they tell it like it is and don’t easily take offense.
  • Most of all, businesses can gain access to great, native-English speakers at affordable rates. This situation is rare − it is nearly impossible to achieve the same in Eastern Europe, Latin America, or the East.
Why South Africa - cost-savings

Finding affordable and highly skilled staff is becoming difficult. However, hiring incredible people from South Africa is still possible, saving 40% to 70% on labor costs compared with hiring from the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, or the United States. The labor cost-savings, together with the bonus of hiring native English speakers, make South Africa the ideal BPO destination for foreign companies to onboard vital skills and resources, taking their business to the next level. Hene many large companies like E&Y, IBM etc., have set up shops in South Africa.

Why South Africa - great communication skills
Great communication skills

Communication is vital for any business, more so when hiring remote staff. Cultural differences can impede communication. However, South Africans have a similar communication style that matches well with the United States and nations within the European Union. Much of this is related to many South Africans being native-English speakers. Many South Africans are raised in English-speaking environments, with universities using English as their chosen language of instruction.

Not only can virtual staff from South Africa relate easily to foreign coworkers, but they are also extremely versatile when it comes to customer service. This is partly due to their excellent soft social skills.

Why South Africa - the South African job market
The South African job market

The unemployment rate is high in South Africa, which makes it beneficial to outside companies wanting to hire remote staff. The South African talent pool is not just large; it ranges from average to highly skilled talent. More so, there are around 16.5 million English speakers, with some 410,000 new English-speaking job seekers entering the job market annually. More so, as there is less competition by outside companies − as yet − sourcing great skills is easier (for now).

Why South Afirca - Infrastructure
The infrastructure

South Africa’s infrastructure compares favorably with Western Europe and other developed nations. From its SEACOM fiber optic wireless telecommunication network to its low-cost, high-quality local transportation network, South Africa is not just an attractive international investment destination: hiring virtual staff is easy and an extremely attractive proposition for foreign companies.

Hire South African staff today!

Hiring from South Africa allows businesses to have first-rate staff at affordable prices. Having affordable workers is important to companies: this saves money for your business without sacrificing quality. And since it is remote work, there are no expenses for office space.

Most importantly, with the exchange rates, South African workers will be paid more than the average salary that they would receive from a local job. Such will contribute to increasing their well-being and providing for their families.

  • Wide talent pool
  • World-class skills
  • Easy to hire
  • Affordable
  • English is an official language
  • Ideal time zone
Why South Africa
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