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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a job online, especially as virtual staff, can be a great way to work remotely and earn income from anywhere in the world.

  • You firstly need to create a job seeker account and complete your profile. When you are creating your profile, make sure to list your skills and qualifications.
  • Then, you are ready to apply for some significant roles. We recommend you also recommend a short video, explaining a little about yourself, so employers can see who you are There are generally significant better response rate for applicants with a simple intro video.
    If you don’t have a video app, you can use, which is both free to use and easy to get a link to add to your profile with.

There are a variety of virtual staff roles that require a wide range of skills and experience levels, so there’s likely a role that would be a good fit for you. However, you must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of South Africa. Currently, this website is for South African workers legally allowed to work in the country.

Virtual Staff job roles can be deactivated for various reasons; however, the most common causes include: the position could have been filled, the company might have made changes based on their needs, or the position is no longer viable.

When applying for a virtual staff job, you may be asked to provide identification to verify your identity. This is a common practice for many employers, thus, ensuring that they are hiring a qualified and trustworthy candidate. Therefore, to keep our platform safe and secure, we recommend users to submit a government-issued ID to prove their identity.

Yes, as a virtual staff, you can work entirely online from the comfort of your own home. In fact, more and more job roles in the western world are now remote-based, meaning that you’ll be working entirely online and communicating with your employer or clients through digital tools like email, messaging apps, and video-conferencing software.

Working as a virtual staff provides a great deal of flexibility, which is one of the main reasons why it’s such a popular career choice. You can often set your own schedule and work from anywhere with a stable internet connection. This can be especially appealing for people who need to work around other commitments or who live in areas without many job opportunities.

To work as a virtual staff, you’ll need a few key tools, including a reliable computer, a stable internet connection, and a quiet workspace. You may also need to be proficient in various digital tools and software, depending on the specific role you’re applying for.

The length of time it takes to go through the hiring process can vary, depending on different factors. Factors include the employer’s hiring process, the number of applicants for the position, and the complexity of the job requirements. In general, the hiring process for virtual staff positions can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. The employer may post the job listing and allow candidates to submit their resumes and applications for a certain period of time before beginning the review process. After reviewing the applications, the employer may conduct phone or video interviews with qualified candidates to assess their skills and experience. This may be followed by a second round of interviews, skills assessments, or other tests to determine whether the candidate is the right fit for the role.

Once the employer has selected a candidate, they may extend a job offer, which the candidate can either accept or decline. The candidate may also be required to provide additional documentation or information, such as proof of identification, before starting the job.
It’s important to note that the hiring timeline can vary significantly, depending on the employer and the specific job requirements. Some virtual staff roles may require more in-depth testing or may have a longer application and interview process, while others may move more quickly. Additionally, external factors such as holidays or unexpected events may impact the hiring process.

There is, of course, no guarantee that you will be hired.

If you’ve received no response after a job interview (and you didn’t hear back even after you followed up on your job application), it’s safe to assume that you didn’t get the position and should keep applying to and continue to be interviewed by other companies.

Virtual Staff SA is a facilitator that matches jobs with job seekers. The payment arrangements are between the job seeker and the employer. However most employers for virtual staff either pay direction to your South African bank account, by the use of services like, others prefer money transfer services like paypal, generally though, it makes sense to clarify with a company how they plan to pay you.

If it is found that information is fabricated, you could be banned from this site. Please make sure that you maintain your integrity and only post truthful information.

No. There are various types of positions available. Before applying, however, you should ensure that you meet the qualifications required by the employed.

There is a variety of roles available. These roles can range from part-time to full-time positions in many different fields.

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