Marlize Jones


Marlize Jones

  • Preferred : GMT+2
  • Expected : 1300 USD/Month
  • Updated 7 months ago

Virtual Assistant

  • Age : 31 Years Old
  • Gender : Female
  • Educational Attainment :- Masters Degree
  • Availability :- 40 Hours/week
  • Experience :- 8 Years

I have the necessary ambition, determination and work efficiency to complete any task given to me. With my motivational skills and ability to adapt I can work with anyone and communicate thoroughly with my colleagues. I am a very determined, reliable and conscientious person. I take my job seriously but I’m able to see things with an alternative perspective. I am very accessible and willing to reach out to people. I’m also an optimist that copes well when things get tough. Above all I’ll say I’m a positive person with a lot of enthusiasm and ambition towards life.

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