Candice Booysen


Candice Booysen

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  • Preferred : GMT+2
  • Expected : 1500 USD/Month
  • Updated 4 months ago

Admin assistant

  • Age : 33 Years Old
  • Gender : Female
  • Educational Attainment :- Virtual Assistant Certificate
  • Availability :- 40 Hours/week
  • Experience :- 12 Years

My CV showcases a variety of experiences and qualifications that make me a well-rounded professional. My background in beauty therapy, travel and tourism management, as well as office administration, demonstrates my versatility and adaptability across different industries. Let’s break down the assessment:

Strengths and Skills:

Excellent Communication Skills: My proficiency in communication is evident in my receptionist roles, where I effectively interact with clients and visitors, providing friendly and knowledgeable assistance.
Administrative Excellence: My experiences in various administrative roles showcases my ability to handle tasks such as data entry, scheduling, and record-keeping, ensuring organizational efficiency.
Customer Service: My customer service skills are evident in my role as a receptionist and beauty therapist, where I create a positive customer experience and offer personalized treatments and product suggestions.
Time Management: With experience managing multiple priorities and meeting time-sensitive deadlines, I demonstrate strong time management abilities.
IT Skills: My computer literacy, including knowledge of MS Word, Excel, and other software, enhances my ability to handle various tasks efficiently.
Problem-Solving Skills: As a receptionist, I resolve customer problems and complaints, showcasing my ability to handle challenges effectively.

Educational Background:

I hold an International Diploma in Beauty Specialist, which includes a diverse range of beauty-related skills such as nail art, skincare, waxing, and massage.
I also has a Certificate in Travel and Tourism Management, covering areas like tourism development, marketing, and accounting skills.

Work Experience:

My experience as a Receptionist at Carey’s Skincare Studio, Stillness Manor and Spa, and Century Spa highlights my continuous exposure to client interaction, administrative tasks, and maintaining a professional and organized reception area.
My Assistant Secretary role at South Peninsula High School further emphasizes my administrative capabilities.


The completion of the Bookkeeping Course showcases my interest in financial matters and small business compliance.
The TEFL Course and Certificate in Life Skills Training Course demonstrate my commitment to personal and professional development.

Overall, My CV reflects a candidate with a strong focus on customer service, administrative excellence, and a diverse skill set. My adaptability and willingness to take on additional responsibilities make me a valuable asset in various professional settings. With my array of skills and experiences, I would be well-suited for roles in administration, customer service, or any position that values strong interpersonal and organizational abilities.

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