Banjo Adeoye


Banjo Adeoye

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  • Preferred : (GMT+1)
  • Expected : 500 USD/Month
  • Updated 6 months ago

Freelancer, copywriter

  • Age : 29 Years Old
  • Gender : Male
  • Educational Attainment :- Bachelor degree
  • Availability :- 40 Hours/week
  • Experience :- 3 Years

Names:                                  Banjo Adeoye Babatunde

Date of birth:                        14th December, 1995

E-Mail:                                  [email protected]

Nationality:                           Nigerian

Marital status:                      Single



To secure a challenging position as a trainer with a reputable organization where my education, skills, knowledge and experience will be effectively utilized, aiming at job satisfaction and self-improvement in order to achieve the organizational and individual goals and objectives.



Communication                  Leadership                       Adaptability                     Teamwork

Negotiation                        Achievement                    Open Mindedness                Colloboration

Presentation                       Inspiring Trust                      Responsibility                   Coordination

Promoting                            Motivation                        Proactiveness                     Influencing

Confidence                         Coordination                         Positivity                         Support


Problem Solving              Time Management              Interpersonal                 Creativity

Active Listening                      Goal Setting                     Consulting                     Imagination

Priotizing                                Scheduling                        Diplomacy                       Inspiration

Discussion                              Delegating                         Mentoring                      Innovation


  • Content Writing
  • Copy writer
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