Recruitment Specialist – Student/early Career Talent

Recruitment Specialist – Student/Early Career Talent

Website Virtual Internships

  • Full Time
  • To be discussed
  • This position has been filled

Website Virtual Internships

  • Full Time
  • To be discussed
  • This position has been filled

Website Virtual Internships

About the job
Recruitment Specialist – Student/Early Career Talent (internally known as Company Account Executive – Fully Remote)

Who Are We

We are Virtual Internships, an EdTech startup on a mission to bridge the gap between education and the workplace by making internships accessible to all.

Over the last four years, we’ve established partnerships with 12,000+ companies, 100+ universities, and supported thousands of students and graduates in becoming more employable via our online work experience product.

We are a team of 150+ across 25+ countries, and recently secured our Series A funding from investors such as Hambro Perks, Sequoia Capital, Kaplan, Arsenal Growth, and Ascend Vietnam Ventures – who have collectively guided the likes of Google, Linkedin, WhatsApp, Canva, Udemy, and Applyboard.

Our 2022 awards include:

  • Ranked 23rd out of 13,000 organizations in The Escape 100: the top purposeful organisations to ‘escape’ to in 2022
  • Tech in Asia’s “Top 50 Rising Startups” (No.6 in Vietnam)
  • Top100 EdTechStartup Selected by HolonIQ
  • Finalist for Go:Tech Awards

Your Role

You will be part of the team that is responsible for ensuring every Virtual Internships intern receives a remote work experience placement with one of 13,000+ companies.

If a Chinese-speaking intern with a sociology degree wants a legal placement with a US-based company, it’s your role to make this happen!

Why? Because we believe in creating a world guaranteed internships are accessible to all.

Regardless of experience, background, age, or profile, you will ensure every intern gets a placement in their preferred career field.

This role will start as a 3-month full-time contract role. Depending on performance, there is potential for you to become a permanent Recruitment Specialist (Company Account Executive), with growth opportunities with our Career Pathway structure, or transition within the Host Company division.

Your Impact

  • Kick-starting careers. Every month, you’ll be assigned interns. Every month, you’ll be expected to match those interns with our existing network of Host Companies to ensure they kick-start their careers via a remote internship.
  • Vet potential companies. Every day we receive applications from organizations around the world who want to become a Host Company. You can expect to conduct online meetings to vet these organizations to ensure they meet the standards of becoming a Host Company.
  • Global. Virtual Internships is global in every sense of the word! Wherever you are based, you will be joining a company that is remote-first with colleagues in 30+ countries, ensuring interns from 50+ countries are receiving work placements with companies in 70+ countries.
  • It’s not usual to have a day where in the morning you sync with your colleagues in Vietnam, in the early afternoon you have an online meeting with a potential Indian host company, whilst later in the day you send profiles of British interns to a Columbian host company. Yes, it really does happen all the time!

The Host Company team at Virtual Internships is renowned for moving very fast, so you can expect:

Within the first few days:

  • Get onboarded and brought up to speed with all things VI – our company structure, product, mission, and values
  • Review our current programs, systems, and data so you can gain insight into where we currently are
  • Join your HC AE colleagues on calls

Within your first week:

  • Have interns assigned to you so you can begin to suggest potential placements
  • Start taking calls with potential and existing host companies

Within your second week:

  • Start to facilitate interviews between interns and companies
  • Start to support companies with placement project plans (our version of detailed job descriptions for their interns)
    20% of your assigned interns confirmed with a host company

Within your first month:

  • Have 100% of your assigned interns confirmed with a company

Within three months:

  • Have consistently achieved 100% of your assigned interns confirmed with a company, with an increasing number of interns assigned to you each month
  • Have been involved with feedback in our product development and/or team processes
  • Have liaised with 50% of our global team (we have a big globally distributed team, but we encourage you to proactively introduce yourself!)

Your Attributes

TL;DR Version? You want a fast-paced, results-driven recruitment-type role, where your impact is about ensuring students/graduates around the world get guaranteed remote internship experiences

Your Experience

  • At least 6+ months experience in a recruitment role
  • Worked for a recruitment agency and/or in-house talent acquisition team

Your Attributes

  • Driven. The interns must always be placed, no ifs, no buts. At Virtual Internships ‘we always find a way’.
  • Results Orientated. Your success in this role is measured not by making placements (this is a requirement!) but by other measures such as the quality and speed of your placements.
  • Strong Communication. You will be speaking to companies around the world (in English) but will need to tailor your communication style accordingly. For example, you’ll know how to adapt your communication style when speaking with an East US company compared to a rural Japanese company.
  • Embrace a (very) fast pace. The Host Company team works fast! If you don’t believe us now, once you’re in the role and you get a chance to re-familiarise yourself with this job advert – we’re 99% sure you’ll then say “Yep, they were right it’s definitely fast-paced…”

You stand out from the crowd if:

  • You have worked with placing students/graduates into internship/entry-level positions
  • You have experience in mass recruitment/volume hiring
  • You have worked at a remote-first organization

What Do We Offer

One of our core values at Virtual Internships is transparency. That’s why, we’re giving you the opportunity to ‘try before you apply’ in our “VI-P Guide” which includes our values, how we operate, how we build our packages, and how we interview.

To give you an example of some of our perks and benefits:

  • Flexible working hours – Start earlier, leave earlier, take a shorter lunch or leave a bit later, it’s totally up to you.
  • Remote first – work from anywhere
  • Learn from the world’s best – access to exclusive content including how-to guides and playbooks from Sequoia/500Global backed organizations
  • Swag – delivered to your door
  • Impact – we’re still at an early-stage, so your impact is magnified. You will likely be solving something that hasn’t already been solved or you will be taking something to an entirely new level!
  • Meritocracy – a culture that prides itself on internal promotions and meritocracy. The majority of our managerial team have risen up (quickly), including our COO, CAO, CFO, Head of Host Companies, and Head of Intern Experience

Recruitment Specialist – Student/Early Career Talent

In 2018, our founders noticed an unfair problem. Only 20% of students were completing internships and were often told they needed internship experience to get a job, but couldn't get internship experience without prior work experience. Virtual Internships was founded to break this vicious cycle and create a world where internships at the world’s most exciting companies are accessible to all. Our industry-leading platform guarantees 100% of students real-world work experience with innovative companies in their chosen industry and region. Virtual Internships is also the only platform that not only guarantees these placements for young people to build work-ready skills employers are seeking when they enter the job market, they also ensure that they are trained before and during their internship and can unlock a global network of relationships.
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