Themwani Chirambo


Themwani Chirambo

  • Preferred : any
  • Expected : 600 USD/Month
  • Updated 9 months ago


  • Age : 24 Years Old
  • Gender : female
  • Educational Attainment :- Honours Degree in Psychology
  • Availability :- 40 Hours/week
  • Experience :- 3 Years

I became interested in Digital marketing after I completed my Bachelor’s degree.
When COVID-19 happened, I started my own web design business, which is how my
passion for digital marketing began. I took it upon myself to learn about the
different aspects of digital marketing and social media. As I learned more, I
understood how important SEO is in digital marketing. My goal is to focus on becoming an expert in SEO because it is a
strong foundation for digital marketing. I learned valuable information and skills during my honours year such as how to
do research and understanding what consumers need in social psychology. This helps me connect psychology with
advertising. Because digital marketing is an ever-growing field, I am continuously upskilling and keeping up to date with
new information and tools pertaining to SEO and I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge within this field in
the near future.

  • and analyzing search data. · SEO Plugins (Yoast
  • diagnosing issues
  • Rank Math): Expertise in using plugins to enhance on-page SEO factors. · Content Optimisation: Enhance website content for relevance and strategic alignment
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