Thembelihle Dladla


Thembelihle Dladla

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  • Preferred : GMT+2
  • Expected : 1500 USD/Month
  • Updated 6 months ago

Sales Consultant

  • Age : 29 Years Old
  • Gender : Female
  • Educational Attainment :- Bachelor of Administration
  • Availability :- 40 Hours/week
  • Experience :- 5 Years

Durban, South Africa • +27 83 267 5926
[email protected] • LinkedIn – Thembelihle Dladla
Bachelor of Administration | Business Development | Sales
I am a professional who is dynamic and results-oriented with a proven track record of driving business
growth through strategic relationship building, innovative sales approaches, and leveraging technology
tools. My goal is to obtain a challenging position in sales where I can apply my expertise in developing
leads, nurturing client relationships, and contributing to the enhancement of the sales process.
• Business Development • SaaS Marketing • Leadership
• Relationship Management • Sales Strategy Development • Strong Communication
• Cross-Functional Collaboration • Cold Calling and Emailing • Problem solving
Technology Transfer Administrator – Innovation, InQubate Research Division
• Ensure that project completion rate is at least 85% within the given deadline by overseeing project
• Improved project completion rate by 20% within the given deadline by implementing project management
software to streamline project administration and improve milestone tracking.
• Developed and implemented standardized processes for milestone management in collaboration with
cross-functional teams, resulting in a 15% improvement in on-time delivery of projects.
• Manage the tender application process, disbursement of funds to project PI’s and Research Assistants, and
handle payroll enquiries and policies. Secure at least 2 new projects per quarter through the tender
application process.
• Organize and schedule team meetings, prepare and assist in project compliance documentation, and
document resource needs and availability. Ensure that all compliance documentation is completed and
submitted within 5 business days of project initiation.
• Identify project scope, risks, constraints, dependencies, assumptions, and deadlines, keep track of project
costs, and provide consistent updates on projects to all stakeholders.
• Measure project performance, identify areas of improvement, and achieve a minimum customer
satisfaction rate of 90% for all completed projects.
• Increase the number of patented IPs by at least 10% per annum and increase the number of successful
consultancy projects by at least 15% per annum. Additionally, assist with patenting and intellectual
property, commercialisation and management of innovative research projects at UKZN, and work with
stakeholders to promote UKZN Technology Transfer objectives.
Marketing Coordinator
• Managed a group of important accounts successfully.
• Devised and executed strategic plans to address the needs of clients and offer personalized solutions.
• Reduced production time by 20% by implementing lean manufacturing techniques, resulting in yearly cost
• Generated new business and expanded the client base by 25% by prospecting and cold-calling potential
leads in the first year.
• Worked with cross-functional teams to develop custom solutions for clients, leading to higher customer
satisfaction and repeat business.
• Conducted data and risk assessments, resulting in a 20% reduction in compliance breaches and ensuring
smooth business operations.
• Created a comprehensive training program for new hires that resulted in a 40% decrease in onboarding
time and a 15% increase in productivity.
• Analyzed supply chain data for inefficiencies, resulting in streamlined processes that reduced inventory
expenses by 10% and improved order fulfillment rates by 25%.
• Produced weekly, quarterly, and annual reports, reviewed company policies and procedures, and
resolved payroll errors with a 99% accuracy rate.
• Conducted research into the organization’s current operations, including interviewing employees and
collecting quantitative data.
Supply Chain Officer
• Supply chain data was analyzed to identify inefficiencies, leading to the implementation of streamlined
processes that resulted in a 10% reduction in inventory costs and a 25% improvement in order fulfilment
• Procurement policies and procedures were implemented, resulting in a 15% reduction in vendor late
deliveries. A vendor database of over 200 suppliers was managed, and a 90% compliance rate with BBBEE
regulations was achieved.
• Inventory management systems were streamlined, resulting in a 30% decrease in stock outs and a 25%
increase in on-time deliveries.
• Over 50 production order transfers were successfully managed and implemented with a 100% on-time
delivery rate. SAP was utilized to decrease planning errors by 25%.
• Over 1000 material inspections were conducted resulting in a 99% pass rate for meeting drawing
specifications. Formal rejections and non-conformity reports were written, reducing customer complaints
by 20%.
• The implementation of daily reporting and real-time inventory management increased stock-picking
efficiency by 20%. A 95% on-time delivery rate for end-users and business units was achieved.
Administrative Assistant
• Helped with the acquisition of goods and services according to company policy and laws, which included
gathering quotes and organizing briefings with providers. This led to a minimum of 30% reduction in
procurement expenses.
• Reviewed all projects to ensure adherence to budget and contract services and worked with project
managers to monitor estimates, invoices, and work orders.
• Coordinated bidding processes with different departments, tracked project schedules, ensured compliance
with all timeframes, and created work schedules with design engineers. Regular visits to construction sites
were also made.
• Maintained an effective construction quality control program, ensuring compliance with all construction
regulations, preparing necessary documents, and establishing quality of all construction work for all
• Assisted contractors with contract evaluation and prepared reports for any project deficiencies, ensuring
adherence to all design and construction regulations for new buildings at various locations. Project
schedules were also effectively maintained.
• Collaborated with design engineers to collect and evaluate all change orders, kept records of all design
engineers processes, and maintained logs of all shops recordings for approval.
• Prepared purchase orders and requisitions, ensuring alignment with business specifications and budget,
and followed up on the delivery of goods and services. This resulted in a minimum of 95% on-time delivery
• Acted as Secretariat for the SCM Committee, was involved in the closing and recording of bids,
communicated with service providers for bid outcomes, and kept accurate records of all SCM activities,
resulting in a minimum of 95% compliance with company policy and legislation.
• Bachelor of Administration, Supply Chain, and Public Governance, University of KwaZulu Natal, 2018
• National Senior Certificate, Howick High School, 2012
• Available on request

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