Stacy Caswell


Stacy Caswell

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  • Preferred : GMT+2
  • Expected : 2500 USD/Month
  • Updated 7 months ago

Sales and Marketing Specialist

  • Age : 48 Years Old
  • Gender : Female
  • Educational Attainment :- Masters Degree
  • Availability :- 40 Hours/week
  • Experience :- 22+ Years

Ms Stacy Jane Caswell
South African ▪ [email protected] ▪ 0683423445
4 Memory Lane Howick, Kwazulu-Natal 3290 South Africa
To secure a challenging position as a Sales and Marketing Specialist /  Instructional Designer, where my skills and expertise can be utilized to create engaging and effective learning materials. With my experience in instructional design, I am confident in my ability to analyze training needs, develop innovative learning solutions, and deliver high-quality content to enhance organizational performance.
Work Experience
Invictus Education Group ▪ Umhlanga ▪ South Africa
Instructional Designer
06/2022 – present
•Developed engaging and interactive e-learning courses using industry-leading authoring tools to enhance learner engagement and retention.
•Collaborated with subject matter experts to analyze training needs and design effective instructional materials, such as job aids, training manuals, and multimedia presentations.
•Implemented instructional design theories, methodologies, and best practices to create learner-centered training programs that aligned with organizational goals.
•Conducted thorough instructional needs assessments and evaluations to identify gaps and recommend appropriate solutions, resulting in improved learning outcomes.
EWT – Endangered Wildlife Trust ▪ Cape Town ▪ South Africa
Instructional designer
04/2023 – 06/2023
•Collaborated with SME’s to design and deliver professional development workshops on innovative teaching methods, leading to enhanced instructional practices.
•Conducted comprehensive data analysis to assess student learning outcomes and identify areas for improvement, resulting in targeted interventions and customized curriculum plans.
•Provided individualized coaching and mentoring to SME’s to enhance their instructional skills and promote a student-centered learning environment.
•Collaborated with subject matter experts to analyze training needs and design customized instructional materials, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and objectives.
•Implemented innovative instructional strategies, such as gamification and scenario-based learning, to enhance learner motivation and promote active participation in training courses.
•Conducted comprehensive instructional analysis to identify performance gaps and created targeted learning interventions, resulting in a 20% improvement in employee performance and productivity.
Novakid ▪ Howick, Kwazulu-Natal ▪ South Africa
Senior Teaching Consultant
02/2019 – present
•Led team of teaching consultants in developing and implementing innovative instructional strategies to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.
•Collaborated with faculty and administrators to design and deliver professional development workshops on effective pedagogical practices and technology integration.
•Evaluated and provided feedback on teaching performance through classroom observations and assessment of instructional materials, resulting in continuous improvement of teaching quality.
•Developed and delivered customized training programs and resources for educators, addressing specific needs and challenges in diverse learning environments.
Cambly International ▪ Durban, Kwazulu-Natal ▪ South Africa
Senior Teaching Consultant
03/2016 – present
•Implemented diverse teaching strategies.
•Reviewed curriculum for alignment with standards.
•Led educator training sessions and workshops.
•Provided individual coaching to educators.
•Collaborated with school leaders, parents, and community.
•Advised on the integration of technology in teaching.
Bidvest ▪ Johannesburg ▪ South Africa
Sales and marketing department manager (Logistics)
01/1998 – 03/2016
•Developed and executed sales strategies to achieve growth targets in the logistics domain.
•Built and maintained relationships with key clients, understanding their supply chain needs and offering tailored logistics solutions.
•Led marketing campaigns, leveraging industry trends to promote logistics services and enhance brand visibility.
•Collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless service delivery and customer satisfaction.
•Analyzed market data and competitor activities to identify opportunities and threats, adjusting strategies accordingly.
•Organized and attended industry events, trade shows, and conferences to network and promote the company’s logistics offerings.
•I achieved a 100% to 200% increase in sales targets.
E-learning development Professional Instructional design theories Professional Learning management system s Project management Professional DIP IMM Professional
NLP Master Practitioner Professional
DIP Psychology Professional
DIP CBT Professional
Creative thinking, ▪ Instructional design expertise, ▪ Strong communication, ▪ Analytical skills, ▪ Attention to detail, ▪ Project management.
Exploring distant lands ▪ Getting lost in a good book ▪ Capturing moments ▪ Feeling the music ▪ Every kind of sport

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