Slindile Fakazi


Slindile Fakazi

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  • Preferred : +UCT +2
  • Expected : 400 USD/Month
  • Updated 1 month ago

Data Assistant/ Virtual Assistant/ Translator/ Clinical Data Assistant

  • Age : 34 Years Old
  • Gender : Female
  • Educational Attainment :- Bachelors Degree
  • Availability :- 20 hours per week Hours/week
  • Experience :- 3 Years

▪ Ensure precise interpretation of clinical data across reports,
dashboards, and analytics models.
▪ Conduct regular audits to validate data interpretation methodologies.
▪ Identify critical clinical data elements and establish stringent quality
▪ Implement rigorous validation processes to maintain high data
▪ Lead root cause analysis efforts for data discrepancies and drive
effective remediation actions.
▪ Stay updated on cutting-edge analytical methods in healthcare.
▪ Provide expert guidance on suitable methods for specific solutions
based on data characteristics.
▪ Engage closely with clinical teams to identify opportunities for
leveraging data insights.
▪ Organize collaborative sessions to implement data-driven solutions
▪ Partner closely with the Data Engineering team for seamless data
▪ Ensure adherence to data governance practices to maintain data
▪ Source reliable third-party data, assessing compatibility and credibility
before integration.
▪ Conduct in-depth data analysis to drive the derivation of new
variables for model enhancement.
▪ Utilize advanced data profiling tools to comprehend data
▪ Present findings through compelling visualisations for effective
▪ Strictly adhere to Netcare’s standardised processes, methodologies,
and techniques.
▪ Periodically review and optimise processes to align with industry best

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