Nelia Patricio


Nelia Patricio

  • Preferred : Any
  • Expected : 300 USD/Month
  • Updated 8 months ago

Customer service manager

  • Age : 32 Years Old
  • Gender : Female
  • Educational Attainment :- Diploma in Public Relations
  • Availability :- 50 Hours/week
  • Experience :- 9 Years



ID NUMBER: 9101250279087

CELL NO: 076-412-2277
E-MAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]

Name:             Nelia
Surname:       Patricio
Id Number:    9101250279087
Date of Birth: 25 January 1991
Contact No:    076 412 2277
Language:      Write and speak in Portuguese, English and Afrikaans.
Status:             Married
Driver’s License: Yes – own transport

·      International Computer Drivers Licence Start Certificate Completed 2006

o   Subjects:
Using the Computer and Managing Files – Windows 98,Word Processing – Word 2000, Spreadsheets – Excel 2000,Databases – Access 2000,Presentation – PowerPoint 2000.

·      Matriculated 2008 at Middelburg Hoërskool
o   Subjects:
English Home Language, Afrikaans First Additional language, Mathematical Literacy, Life orientation, Business Studies, Computer Applications Technology, Geography.
o   Activities:
Modelling and dancing

·      Varsity College Pretoria 2009 – Certificate in Management Principles Completed
·      UNISA Basics of Business course completed 2009

·      Varsity College Pretoria – Diploma in Public Relations 1st year Completed 2010
o   Subjects:
Business Communication C, Business Management 1A, Business Management 1B, Communication Science 1, End User Computing, Media and Journalism 1, Public Relations 1A, Public Relations 1B.
Work Integrated Learning: The practical I did in my first year was a fundraising campaign for the Kungwini/Paul Jungnickel home which is situated on Lynnwood Road. The fundraising activity took place on Varsity College, Pretoria Campus. The activities we had to raise funds and awareness was a photo booth where students could pose to have photo’s taken.  A bag of cupcakes was given in exchange for a bag of clothing.  Pizza slices, honey straws and fudge was sold.  I learnt from this project how to work in a group and how to handle problems in a respectable manner.  I learnt how to meet deadlines and to manage my time better.  From this project I also learnt how to communicate better with the people around me.

·      Varsity College Pretoria – Diploma in Public Relations 2nd year completed 2011
o   Subjects:
Law for Public Relations A, Law for Public Relations B, Business Management 2, Communication Science 2, Marketing 1, Media and Journalism 2A, Media and Journalism 2B, Public Relations 2A, Public relations 2B.
Work Integrated Learning 2:  The practical I did in second year had an individual part and a group part to it.  We had to create an awareness campaign for the Smile Foundations organization.  I, as an individual created my own campaign ideas and analyzed the company based on their strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats.  The group part of the project allowed us students to place our ideas together and create an even better. From this assignment I learnt how to think more out of the box and to be more creative.  I also learnt that if I need help I should ask for assistance because there is always someone which can help you.  From this assignment I also learnt that communication is a great key to any circumstance, once there is clear communication there is no problems.  It is essential that your colleagues understand and grasp what you are saying because it is important for people to work together well.
·      Varsity College Pretoria – Diploma in Public Relations  completed 2012
o   Subjects:
Communication Science 3A, Practice of Public Relations, Business              Management 3A, Public Relation 3A, Media and Journalism 3A.  Business Management 3B, Communication Science 3B, Public Relations 3B, Media and Journalism 3B, Strategic Planning.

I see myself as a team worker. I can work without supervision.  I am a committed and a trustworthy person. I have very good organization skills and I am very responsible.  I work hard at all times and never say no to a new challenge.  I am always willing to learn new skills in the work environment.  I manage my time properly and I always meet deadlines.

Working History
·      Public Relations intern at BLUE is the WORD
o   Duration: 1st March 2012 – 15th of August 2012.
o   Contact Person:
§  Samantha Bezuidenhout,  072 910 7502, [email protected]
§  Roxanne Marais, 071 385 1579, [email protected]
o   Duties:
§  Research
§  Compile newsletters
§  Contact clientele
§  Compile a press release
§  Write articles
§  Compile a database for contact details of South African newspapers
§  Compile a niche media list
§  E-mail clients
·      Fifth Innovation Summit
o   Duration: 29 & 30 August 2012.
o   Contact Person:
§  Linda Swart: (012) 844 0015
o   Duties:
§  Register media which attended the summit
§  Hand over the press kit to the media
§  Record the contact details of the media which attended the summit
·      Temporary Global Operations Immigration Consultant at General Electric (Pty) Ltd
o   Duration: 16 January 2013 to 28 April  2013.
o   Duties:
§  Inform employees and their managers about VISA expiries
§  Ensure renewal forms are completed and approved by management
§  Update scorecards
§  Update management about VISA renewal progress
§  Translate english documents to portuguese
o   Contact Person:
§  Karen McDonald: 079-515-1602
·      General Manager Leba Overland Liquors
o   Providing customer service
o   Dealing with customer complaints and requests
o   Entry level bookkeeping
o   Admin
o   Contacting suppliers
o   Buying stick for the store
o   Negotiating  deals with suppliers for promotions
o   Social media marketing
o   Payroll
o   Human Resources administration
o   Training staff
o   Managing the staff
o   Reporting to the senior manager
o   Income and expense reports

  • Admin
  • Customer service
  • Data Entry
  • entry level bookkeeping
  • transcription
  • translations from english to portuguese
End December 2012
Diploma in Public Relations at Varsity College Pretoria
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