Nandine Blaauw


Nandine Blaauw

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  • Preferred : SAST
  • Expected : 1400 USD/Month
  • Updated 9 months ago

Human Resource Administrator

  • Age : 37 Years Old
  • Gender : Female
  • Educational Attainment :- Financial Accounting
  • Availability :- 32 Hours/week
  • Experience :- 15 Years

With a strong background in management, office administration, bookkeeping, payroll, human resource, advertising & marketing and a proactive approach to supporting daily operations, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute towards the organization.




To whom it may concern,


I have acquired extensive experience in the above mention fields, where I successfully handled a wide range of tasks, including managing correspondence, deligating and coordinating tasks, and maintaining accurate records. My attention to detail, strong problem-solving abilities, and ability to multitask have allowed me to effectively support teams and ensure smooth workflow.


I am confident that my excellent communication skills, ability to work independently and collaboratively, and commitment to delivering high-quality support making me an ideal candidate for the position. I am eager to contribute my skills and contribute to the overall success of your organization.



  • data capturing
  • excel
  • human resource administration
  • Office Manager
  • payroll administration
Aug 2011/ Nov 2012
Financial Accounting at ICB

Correspondence Education – 24months course complete in just over a year.

July 2022
Human Resource Administrator at Pienaar Partners

Currently employed

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