Katelyn Greef


Katelyn Greef

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  • Preferred : +2
  • Expected : 2000 USD/Month
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Material resource planner

  • Age : 27 Years Old
  • Gender : Female
  • Educational Attainment :- B Tech Operations Management
  • Availability :- 40 Hours/week
  • Experience :- 6 Years

Name: Katelyn Greef
Date of Birth: 27 September 1996
Home Language: English
E-mail Address: [email protected]
Contact Numbers: 073-040-4055
Matriculated Allen Glen High School 2014
Diploma in Operations Management from the University of Johannesburg (2015 – 2017)
Bachelor of Technology in Operations Management at University of Johannesburg (2018)
● Completed course in Auto-CAD essentials by The CAD Corporation.
● First Aid.
● Certificate in online trading.
● End User Computing under NQF level 6 with distinction (Word, Excel, and Power point).
● Excel report building using the following functions.
▪ Pivot tables, VLOOKUPS, IF, IFERROR, AND, Conditional formatting, Tables and Splices, data
validation etc.
HENDOK Distribution (Pty) Ltd. 200
Aberdare Dr, Phoenix Industrial,
Phoenix, 4068.
Distribution Resource Planner (2019
– current)
HENDOK is a steel manufacture that produces a wide range of
items used in the construction, farming, and mining sectors.
My daily responsibilities as a distribution resources planner are:
● Planning optimal delivery routes through out KZN, Eastern
Cape, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, and Gauteng.
● Coordinating available stock to customer orders.
● Formulating optimal combination of customers’ orders and
product mix to truck size and delivery route.
● Scheduling outside truck and shipping containers for exports.
● Mediating between internal and external sales teams.
● Ensuring planning targets are reached.
● Capture and maintain daily reports.
● Identify areas of opportunity for optimal delivery efficiency.
● Assist in coordinating work to loading teams.
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Stock Controller (2019-2020)
● Consulting with production for stock requirements.
My daily duties as a Stock Controller consisted of:
● Capturing and analysing daily stock counts.
● Capturing and analysing daily production.
● Reporting inconsistencies, downtime and below target products.
● Report building and maintenance in EXCEL.
● Conducting time studies to determine maximum production
capacity and identifying inefficiencies.
● Invoicing using SAGE System.
● Stand in for switchboard.
Melissa O’Reilly
Operations Manager.
Cell no. 0718780534
VAT IT. 2nd Floor, 54 Melrose Blvd,
Melrose Arch, Johannesburg, 2196.
Claims Compliance Assessor
● VAT IT is an international VAT reclaim company
● Claims Compliances is largely computer-based, my main role
was compiling claims for submission to international VAT
authority to recover VAT charged to companies during
international travel.
● My main role was to evaluate invoices within each claim to
ensure that they confine to each regulation and client’s
● Claims is a highly deadline driven environment, high accuracy,
carful scheduling, communication and teamwork are key
principles to provide branches with perfect quality claims, there
is no room for error.
● Monthly, Quarterly and Annual submission deadlines required a
60-hour work week for months at a time this includes working
some Saturdays.
Natasha Windisch: 0745231370
Domestic VAT Claims Compliance Team Leader
(Foreign Registration, Canada, and Mineral Oil Tax)
MAHLE Behr South Africa (Pty) Ltd.,
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.
Internship (2017)
● Over my training period I was placed in a team along with 4
other employees to conduct a value stream design on Factory 3,
to identify why inventory was building up, stock going missing
and being sent to the wrong location, the aim was to improve the
process flow of boxes from each tube mill (RSMs) to the work in
progress storage area.
● Activities in the following topics where conducted: Quality,
Scheduling, Capacity Planning, Productivity Measurements,
Inventory, Time studies.
● The factory was experiencing bottlenecking within the process
this was causing delays to the internal and external customers.
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● Project Objectives included: optimize layout between Factories,
reduce the time to retrieve products from storage, supply
customers more efficiently, optimize the process flow, reducing
cross and counter flow to create single directional flow, redesign
inventory layout by defining different storage locations of work in
Alicia Horsley
Production CIP Technician (TE76P)
Cell No. 083 308 0292
Recommendation letter on request.
Allen Glen High School
Sports Coach (2015-2019)
● Training in sport skills, chaperoning to matches, camps and
● Teaching basic first aid skills, anatomy, and life grading from
level1 – 3.
● Coaching the following teams: Girl’s cricket, Girl’s hockey, First
Aid, Girls Softball, Girls Rugby.
Hennie van Vuuren
Director of sports at Allen Glen High School
Cell No. 0825797487
Promotions Representative (2014
-2015) Wize Eyes Optometrist.
● Informing public on current specials.
Weekend Cashier (2012-2014) Mr
Video Honeydew Village.
● Responsible for cash and card sales, Opening and closing of
store, Cashing up.

B Tech Operations management at University of Johannesburg
Material resource planner at Hendok
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