Johan Zaayman


Johan Zaayman

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  • Preferred : Any timezone
  • Expected : 1200 USD/Month
  • Updated 1 month ago

Helping hand, leader and problem solver.

  • Age : 40 Years Old
  • Gender : Male
  • Educational Attainment :- Matric and PMP certificate
  • Availability :- 50 Hours/week
  • Experience :- 17 Years

I consider myself to be very open-minded, which, throughout my life, has led me to look for various problem-solving techniques, instead of focusing on only one, traditional way to solve a problem.

I am curious, always trying to understand how and why things work.

These qualities have allowed me to work with a variety of people, as I get along with many different personalities and accept a broad view of thinking patterns and ideas.

Adding a bit of perfectionism, I always strive to complete things and maintain a high level of standard.

Combining all the above, I tend to be very analytical and methodical in my approach to situations, looking at, and analyzing the various options, which will yield the best result.

In life, I believe each person has something to bring to the table, whether it is for work, social gatherings, or friendships.

With this in mind: I work well as part of a team, leading teams, while also focusing on my responsibilities.

A few of my hobbies are: listening to music, playing guitar, cooking, hiking, movies, and sports.

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