Heidi Bennett


Heidi Bennett

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  • Preferred : UTC +2
  • Expected : 550 USD/Month
  • Updated 8 months ago


  • Age : 45 Years Old
  • Gender : Female
  • Educational Attainment :- Certified TEFL/Tesol Teacher
  • Availability :- 50 Hours/week
  • Experience :- 20 Years

Digital Literacy:

Basic computer skills.
Proficiency in using email, web browsers, and online collaboration tools
Communication Skills:

Clear and concise written communication.
Effective use of video conferencing and messaging platforms.
Active listening in virtual meetings.
Time Management:

Setting and meeting deadlines.
Prioritizing tasks effectively.
Managing workload independently.

Ability to adapt to different digital tools and platforms.
Flexibility to work in different time zones or asynchronous environments.

Setting and achieving goals independently.
Staying productive without direct supervision.

Keeping digital files and information organized.
Structuring work in a systematic way.
Problem Solving:

Troubleshooting technical issues.
Finding creative solutions to challenges.

Working effectively in virtual teams.
Contributing to group projects remotely.
Technical Skills:

Proficiency in industry-specific software or tools.
Basic coding or programming skills if relevant to the job.
Cybersecurity Awareness:

Understanding and practicing online security measures.
Protecting sensitive information.

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