Faizel Ebrahim


Faizel Ebrahim

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  • Preferred : +2
  • Expected : 1800 USD/Month
  • Updated 8 months ago

Executive Assistant

  • Age : 36 Years Old
  • Gender : Male
  • Educational Attainment :- Deportment
  • Availability :- 40 Hours/week
  • Experience :- 18 Years

Curriculum Vitae
Business Support Specialist
Faizel is a resolute, loyal, meticulous,
analytical and result driven individual
with a successful background in the
achievement of profitable business
growth through the creation and
execution of successful business
operations strategies. He is
experienced in working with leading
entities and key stakeholders in
competitive industries with a primary
focus on exceeding expectations for
service delivery while ensuring
optimum impact across all
departments within business leaning
towards the ultimate global Customer
& Client Experience. Faizel possesses
good interpersonal communication
and negotiation skills with the ability
to develop and maintain mutually
beneficial internal and external
relationships both in business and
outside of business.
+2776 330 5574
Social Pages:
[email protected]
LinkedIn Courses – Certified
2020 – 2020
Collaborative Leadership.
Decision-Making Strategies.
Developing Executive Presence.
Improving Your Listening Skills.
Pitching Yourself.
Leadership Mindsets.
Leadership Skills for The Future.
Leading a Customer-Centric Culture.
Learn Emotional Intelligence, the Key Determiner of Success.
Mentoring Others.
Mergers & Acquisitions.
Project Leadership.
Project Management Foundations.
Strategic Partnerships.
Strategic Thinking.
The Six Biases of Decision-Making.
Espoir, Figures Modeling Agency
2005 – 2005
Silver Oaks Secondary School/ ABET
2000 – 2004
Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Internet
Explorer, Microsoft Outlook, AJS, Tallyman, SAP, SIP Server,
MAN3000, Viper TNA, Biometrics, Voyager Credit Manager,
Voyager Nets, Voyager Import Utility, Voyager Configuration,
VOIP, DCRS, Practice Manager, Click2Dial, CellSYS, Pastel,
Excalibur, NetCredit, Debt Cloud, Three60, SAGE, Bitrix, N-able
Helpdesk, Signiflow, PowerBI, MS Teams, DUO Mobile.
References: Available upon request.
Availability: Immediate.
 Self-driven and manage daily
 Exceptional attention to
 Excellent verbal and written
communication skills in
 Excellent work ethic:
energetic, get-things-done
attitude and take
responsibility to deliver
positive results beyond
 Excellent communication and
people skills.
 Solid proficiency in computer
literacy and Microsoft Office
 Well-developed and effective
communication and
presentation skills.
 Collaborator, able to work in
a team and get along well
with C-suite/ senior
 Excellent people and process
CSS | Brooks & Luyt Inc. | iSON Xperiences | NDS | Techub |
Centriciti | Elevate | PSA | (Group of Companies)
Industry: Asset Revenue Management/ BPO/ Legal
Role: Executive Assistant – Corporate/ Client Relations
Period: Nov 2017 – Mar 2023: 6 years – Permanent.
 Act as the point of contact among directors, heads of
department, employees, clients, and other external
 Client relationship management.
 Assists with company objectives.
 Manage information flow in a timely and accurate manner.
 Manage directors and heads of department’s calendars
and set up meetings.
 Make travel and accommodation arrangements for
directors, heads of department and managers.
 Track daily expenses and prepare weekly, monthly
reports and claims for EXCO.
 Oversee the performance of key staff members.
 Organise and maintain the office filing system.
 Format information for internal and external
communication – memos, emails, presentations, reports.
 Take minutes during meetings and distribute them to
relevant parties.
 Screen and direct phone calls and distribute
 Handle confidential information with discretion and
 Coordinate office supplies and equipment maintenance.
 Assist with project management and implementation.
 Conduct research and prepare briefings for directors and
heads of department.
 Provide support to directors and heads of department in
decision making and problem solving.
 Support facilities with client meeting catering and
boardroom preparations.
 Support Human Resources with business communication
and employee wellness events.
 Developing marketing flyers for group of companies.
 Support operations with client portfolio feedback and
 Event planning for various business committees.
 Departmental monthly audits on action items from
strategic business meetings.
 Credit Controller for R100+m portfolio.
 Legal Secretarial support for law firm.
 People and Process Management across business.
 Departmental auditing for Key staff and key focuses.
 Quality Assurance across various departments.
 Assisting and preparing documentation pack for tender
submissions (expressions of interest and proposals: RFI,
RFP, RFQ, SBD, MBD packs).
 Liaising with clients – obtaining clarifications and further
information concerning a bid when required.
 Searching for opportunities using e-tenders, leads to
business, supply chain networks and online tenders.
 Distributing opportunities after they are pre-qualified by
the Bid Office Administrator.
 Ensuring proposals are submitted on timeously,
scheduling deadlines.
 Check the validity of compliance supporting documents
e.g., BEE, tax clearance, COIDA etc.
 Occasional tender briefing sessions attendance.
 Provide advice and practical assistance to the staff in
reviewing scope of work, contractor pre-qualification,
completion of tender documents, contract negotiation,
finalising contract documents.
 Assists in the preparation and presentation of cost and
schedule forecasts and any other special project
performance / status reviews as required.
 Assists in developing tenders and bids for future work for
the Company.
 Maintenance of contractual records and documentation
such as receipt and control of all contract
correspondence, customer contact information sheets,
contractual changes, status reports and other documents
for all projects.
 Works with risk management department to identify risks
and implement mitigation measures.
 Ensures that signed contracts are communicated to all
relevant parties to provide contract visibility and
awareness, interpretation to support implementation.
Reason for leaving: Retrenched.
Debt Guides
Industry: Consumer Debt Reconstruction
Role: Debt Review Administrator
Period: Jan 2017 – Oct 2017: 9 months – Temp.
 Attorney management – Legal Instructions.
 Compiling and drafting of Court applications.
 Business development and reporting.
 Training officer.
 Client liaison officer.
Reason for leaving: Contract position.
OVAG International
Industry: Asset Revenue Management
Role: Head of Department
Period: Dec 2015 – Dec 2016: 1 year – Temp.
 Financial Management (Income & Expense).
 Full Office Management (Exco, Finco, Manco, Opsco)
requisitions, complaints, office upkeep, team support,
Client management, staff initiatives/ team building
support, technical support, ADHOC support.
 Extensive Reporting (All stakeholders including Clients
based on performance).
 Department Head (Call Centre and Client management).
 Supervised and trained
various employees
improving their
productivity and
performance by 35%.
 Coordinated and
executed successful
events for over 100
attendees, including
booking the venue,
catering, décor, and
 Led and supervised a
team of 20 operational
staff, providing training,
coaching, and feedback,
and achieving a 75%
retention rate.
 Full Debt Collection Functions (end-to-end accounts
receivable management).
 Business Development Functions (organic growth of
Clients and new business).
 Training of inexperienced staff.
 People and Process Management.
Reason for leaving: Contract position.
Linen Hire Solutions/ Immaculate Collections
Industry: Events Hiring/ Asset Revenue Management
Role: Acting CEO/ CEO & Founder
Period: Dec 2013 – Nov 2015: 2 years – Permanent.
 Full Personal and Executive Assistant Functions (Exco).
 Full Office/ Warehouse Management (Manco, Opsco).
 Typing of various legal documents.
 Full Event Planning Functions.
 Creation and management of social media pages and
 Marketing of seasonal functions for various events.
 Planning and coordinating corporate events for niche
 Sourcing suppliers/ vendors for all functions.
 People and Process Management.
 Consultations with Clients about events.
 Client Liaison/ relations management.
 Human Resources duties.
 Accounts Reconciliation Functions.
 Payroll, Tax, PAYE duties.
 Business Development Functions.
Reason for leaving: Relocated.
TSLS Holdings/ TS Legal Services
Industry: Asset Revenue Management
Role: Portfolio Manager
Period: Dec 2011 – Nov 2013: 2 years – Permanent.
 Full Personal and Executive Assistant Functions (Exco).
 All Rounder.
 Legal Secretary Functions.
 Full Office Management (Exco, Manco, Opsco).
 Call centre management.
 People and Process Management.
 Full Debt Collection Functions.
 Extensive Reporting (All Stakeholders).
 Client Liaison.
 Portfolio management (Exco, Manco).
 Training Officer.
 Marketing consultations for corporate branding.
Reason for leaving: Change of Industry and more
Individual Strengths:
 Creative
 Insightful
 Principled
 Enthusiastic
 Altruistic.
 Listening to music
 Learning
 Astrology
 Working out.
Sterling Debt Recoveries
Industry: Asset Revenue Management
Role: Operations Supervisor
Period: Dec 2010 –Nov 2011: 1 year – Temp.
 Full Debt Collections Functions.
 Full Supervising Functions.
 Team Management.
 Full Legal Secretary Functions.
 Client Liaison Officer.
 Skill/ Software Training Officer.
Reason for leaving: Offered a new position.
Ignition Group
Industry: Consumer Sales
Role: Sales Team Leader
Period: Mar 2010 – Nov 2010: 8 months – Temp.
 Full Sales Team Leading Functions.
 People and Process Lead.
 Skills/ Software Training Officer.
Reason for leaving: Branch liquidated.
Department of Justice and Constitutional Development
Industry: Criminal Justice
Role: Court Stenographer
Period: Sep 2005 – Feb 2010: 5 years – Permanent.
 Liaising with Magistrates, Public Prosecutors, Attorneys
and Members of the public.
 Recording Court Proceedings – Schedule 6 offences.
 Transcribing Court Cases – Appeals.
 CCTV/ DCRS Operations.
 Maintaining and Safe Keeping of Confidential Court
 Ensuring Case Flow Management.
 Compiling and drafting of official Court Documents –
Sentences/ Charge sheets, Detaining documents.
 Skill/ Software Training Officer.
 Reconstruction of in- audible Court Proceedings.
 Court rooms serviced: Criminal, Civil, Family, Labor,
 Commercial Crimes. (High, Regional, Magistrates,
District Courts).
Reason for leaving: Change of industry.
Client Relations Management #5
Project Management #4
Operations Management #3
Account Receivable Management #2
Executive Support #1

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