Daniel Duda


Daniel Duda

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  • Preferred : UTC
  • Expected : 1300 USD/Month
  • Updated 3 months ago

Virtual Worker/ Manager/ practitioner

  • Age : 33 Years Old
  • Gender : Male
  • Educational Attainment :- ENNEAGRAM practiontioner/Qualified Plumber/Facilitator/Assessor
  • Availability :- 50 Hours/week
  • Experience :- 10 Years

Daniel realizes the need to continuously upskill and stay
relevant within the advancement of technologies and company
practices. This has allowed him to transfer his vast skill set into
the virtual world. He has operated for US company based
companies ensuring that he delivers to all company
In addition, Daniel has actively sought out opportunities to
expand his knowledge and expertise by attending seminars,
workshops, and online courses. He stays updated on the latest
trends and best practices in technology and company
By continuously upskilling, Daniel has been able to adapt and
thrive in the ever-changing virtual environment. He understands
the importance of staying relevant and being able to contribute
to the success of the company.
Daniel has worked with US-based companies, leveraging his skill
set to fulfill all the requirements of his role. He has a deep
understanding of the industry and is able to deliver top-notch
results. His ability to adapt and stay current with advancements
in technology allows him to bring innovative solutions to the
Overall, Daniel’s dedication to continuous learning and staying
relevant has been instrumental in his success in the virtual
world. He is a valuable asset to any company, bringing a wealth
of skills and knowledge to the table.

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