Barbara Foot


Barbara Foot

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  • Preferred : GMT+2
  • Expected : 3200 USD/Month
  • Updated 7 months ago

Pharmacist with Marketing and sales skills

  • Age : 64 Years Old
  • Gender : Female
  • Educational Attainment :- B Pharm and PG Dip in diabetes
  • Availability :- 40 plus Hours/week
  • Experience :- 20 Years


(October 2023)


SURNAME                                                                                              FOOT


CHRISTIAN NAME                                                                 BARBARA


NATIONALITY                                                                                        BRITISH


PRESENT ADDRESS                                                                               52 – 10TH




TELEPHONE NUMBERS                                                                        082 7833774


E-MAIL                                                                                                   [email protected]


MARITAL STATUS                                                                                 MARRIED


CHILDREN                                                                                              2




HIGH SCHOOL                                                                                       WESTERING HIGH SCHOOL


TERTIARY EDUCATION                                                                         RHODES UNIVERSITY




QUALIFICATIONS                                                                                  Matric (1976)

BPharm (1981)

IMM marketing (1990)

CDE advanced course in Diabetes Care

for Health Professionals (2002)

DESSA registered educator

COURSES                                                                                                CRUCIAL CONVERSATIONS

EXPERT TRAINER IN Diabetes Conversations Education tools

Post Graduate Diploma in Diabetes (2017) University of South Wales



Employment Record


2017-2022                           From 2017 until November 2022 Iwas employed on a contract basis for various Pharmaceutical companies. My role was either to coach patients with diabetes or help doctors get Medical aid reimbursement for the treatment their patients required.

2010 – 2017                         Medical Educator (Diabetes) in Port Elizabeth.

My commitment to my work is backed by my efficiency, drive and dedication.

I am able to see the big picture although I exhibit good attention to detail.

My rapport with my colleagues is good, often being seen as the “go to Person”

Having worked previously in the medical aid industry as a DUR pharmacist, I have a good understanding of the funders.

Team work is the corner to success in diabetes.

Diabetes is an area driven by service. Ensuring that both the patient and the HCP have a positive experience will ensure that patients achieve better control.

I am one of 6 Diabetes Conversations Expert trainers in South Africa.

I have trained Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) as facilitators. Two of the areas now offering exceptional results with Conversation map sessions they run. One hospital presenting a poster at SAAHIP.

I give regular talks to doctors, nurses and pharmacists. This adds value to their practice or role.

My previous sales role assists me in communicating with customers.

Nominated for service excellence award

Employed as Sales Representative in the Diabetes team

Competencies: Good relationship building along with good negotiation skills. Self-driven.

Opex Sales winner in 2003


June 97 – Nov 98                Medikredit (Chroniplan) DUR pharmacist



April 87-June 91                  Roche Products

Sales representative, Market Research officer and Product Manager


Oct 84 – April 87                 Upjohn and Wyeth as Sales representative


Dec 81 – Oct 84                   Pharmacist in retail pharmacy



My interests include road running. I am seen as my running friends to be motivational and enjoy helping them to

achieve their dream.


I am highly motivated with my strength being good communication and motivational skills. I believe that once patients have a better understanding of their condition and the treatment required they tend to ‘own’ it and look after themselves  better.

I have a passion for learning and enjoy discovering interesting new ideas and information, Although my experience has been in the area of diabetes for many years, there are other areas of health that interests me.


Competencies: Good communication and organisational skills


  • good organizational skills have ability to connect with people
  • highly motivated
  • Self driven
Feb 1977 to Nov 1981
B Pharm at Rhodes University
Aug 2000 to Feb 2017
Medical Educator, Sales Executive at Eli Lilly
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