Amanda Dhaver


Amanda Dhaver

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  • Preferred : South Africa
  • Expected : 10000 USD/Month
  • Updated 6 months ago


  • Age : 35 Years Old
  • Gender : Female
  • Educational Attainment :- Certificates
  • Availability :- 40 Hours/week
  • Experience :- 10 Years

Dear Potential Employer

It gives me great pleasure to express my interest in the admin position you have available.

I do believe I will be an asset to your company based on my skills, abilities and professionalism. I am hard working, meticulous, reliable and always willing to go the extra mile.

I have worked in different types of organizations and have gained experience in different fields. I am computer literate, analytically minded and driven with the motivation ofnwanting a better life. Besides wanting a better life for myself, I would want the organization I work for to be run smoothly with happy people all around. I am a dedicated woman who sticks to time management and prioritizes tasks needed to be complete. I am a person who enjoys having a game plan for the day as well as the week. We must be able to know what we want to accomplish by that set time frame. I enjoy working on my own, however I love working with people more. Every person is different and it’s good to gain knowledge every day. I know that it’s very important to be compliant to rules and regulations as it builds good character. I prefer working in a very systematic way; I am a bit of a “neat freak.” Being a single parent as really taught me that no one has your back better than yourself, and as a mum you put hard work, effort, dedication & commitment to doing your best to provide for your family and taking those same traits and applying them at the organization you work for.

I am a very strong and humble woman and know that even in your deepest sorrows, there’s always a RAINBOW after the RAIN. I do not believe that I am better than anyone else but I do believe I can always be better than who I was the day before. I would want to grow with the company, applying my skills and abilities as well as gaining much experience to better myself as a person.

I am willing to learn from day one to get to where I need to be. Learning is a powerful tool which we need to embrace.

I do hope you consider me to join your organization.

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