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How does it work to be an affiliate?

As an affiliate, you will get a unique referral link, when you share this with people around you, that could be directly in email, through social media or on your website or the likes, any sales that you end up sending to us, will automatically get you a LIFETIME commission of 50%

That’s correct, as long as a customer stay will us, you will be paid 50% of what they are paying us, wherever that’s monthly, yearly or if they sign up for a lifetime subscription. This means you can share our amazing recruitment platform AND get paid doing so at the same time!

How do I sign up as an affiliate?

Signing up for our affiliate program is quick and easy, get started here: Virtual Staff Affiliate

How do I get paid?

Our affiliate platform typically pay out through Paypal, however any payment method available when you sign up will work.

How Often do I get paid?

You will generally get paid 30 days after a payment has been accepted (some customers opt for a refund for whatever reason, if this is the case, you will still get 50% of the payment, they ended up paying)

How can I promote Virtual Staff South Africa?

You can promote us everywhere:

In your email, wherever your regular email or through your email automation

On Social Media, such as Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin etc

Through Pay Per Click Ads – We allow people to target any Pay Per Click ads when promoting us.

On your website – We are often found on resource pages or specific video’s or blogs posts. Let us know by tagging us, when you mention us, as we are happy to share good content that mentions us!

We look forward to making sure you get paid for promoting our great platform!

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