Remote Copywriter: Popular Science (futurism/manufacturing/innovation/industrialization)

Remote Copywriter: Popular Science (Futurism/Manufacturing/Innovation/Industrialization)

Website WebFX

  • Full Time
  • To be discussed
  • This position has been filled

Website WebFX

  • Full Time
  • To be discussed
  • This position has been filled

Website WebFX

About the job

WebFX is a proud Google Premier Partner with 6 offices in the US as well as an office in Guatemala and another in Cape Town, South Africa! We are continuing to expand worldwide and would love for you to be a part of that! In fact, we doubled in size in the past 5 years and are projecting to once again double in size and be a global, publicly traded tech company by the year 2030 – operating in every continent, servicing clients globally. We currently have talented team members across the globe (representing 13+ Countries) who work full-time and have done so for 10+ years.

No matter where you’re located, we’d love to have you join our mission of providing world-class digital marketing solutions to mid-size businesses on a global scale. We thrive on driving business growth for our clients and are looking for people who take pride in their marketing efforts and enjoy having fun at the same time. Sound like you? Great! Keep reading:

Why Choose WebFX

We’ve been named the #1 best place to work in our headquarters’ home state of Pennsylvania for 7 years in a row and offer the same culture and benefits to our global team members. Along with very competitive base pay, we offer company profit sharing, performance bonuses, Ongoing learning bonuses (yes, you get paid to learn!), and time zone differential pay. World-class digital marketing training (Organic SEO, Local SEO, PPC, Google Analytics + Studio, etc.), long-term career track, Health Insurance (including dental, vision, remote doctor, etc.), and there are seriously a ton of other benefits! To name just a few:

  • This is a full-time, contract-based position. WebFX offers long-term stability to all of our FXFamily members. In fact, many of our global team members have been with WebFX for 9+ years, and we’re hopeful you can be too!
  • We put our people first, it’s as simple as that. You’re never on your own – when you run into inevitable challenges, we’re there to support you along the way!
  • Long-lasting relationships with both clients and team members due to consistently low turnover rates are simply unheard of in our industry because, again, we put our people first.
  • Fully equipped in-home office setup including computer, dual large monitors, headset, seriously fast internet, generator, and more! 🖥️
  • Multiple schedule options from which to choose. Depending on the hours you select, you will receive additional pay for overlapping our hours! 💰
  • Be part of a rapidly growing company that, at the same time, only partners with clients who share our values🌱📈
  • Unrestricted access to the dozens of proprietary software/platforms our internal R&D team has developed for our team’s exclusive use, in addition to access to the many 3rd party tools and software we utilize internally in order to WOW our clients. You can learn more about some of our proprietary tools here!
  • Merit-based promotional structure with opportunities to grow into full-time employment
  • We have a very strong commitment to giving back globally – in fact, it’s one of our values here at WebFX. As a member of our FXFamily, you get to be a large part of that simply by achieving your goals – since 2014, we’ve committed to donating globally through our FXBuilds program. You can learn more about that here!

What You’ll Get

World-Class Training and Ongoing Career Development

  • No matter your level of experience, our “Bootcamp” web marketing training program is provided for all new WebFX “family members” to learn, grow, and develop in and out of the office with the hard skills necessary to be successful in their positions.
  • From training with our Sr Digital Marketers to access to countless industry-leading online training resources/courses/tutorials to getting experience with nearly 1,500+ different clients with various platforms, digital services, and in every industry you can think of (and then some), our training program is simply unrivaled!
  • Training doesn’t stop after your initial training period, we offer career development training and monthly Lunch-and-Learns with our state-of-the-art training amenities to facilitate departmental training, industry-related updates, and more!
  • FXLearns program – where you get incentives for taking advantage of our countless industry training resources
  • After 1,500+ clients, we’ve been able to truly master our processes and procedures – you will be trained on all of those – no need to develop how to do things (unless you want to help us continually improve that process!) – because we refuse to ever stagnate, we are always pushing the envelope to make those processes 1% better too!

Opportunities for Growth

WebFX grew 250%+ over the past 3 years both locally and globally, and merit-based promotional opportunities are abundant if you’re meeting or exceeding position performance metrics. We believe in growing and promoting our internal team first and foremost. In fact, 95% of our promotions are internal! All team members have a very clearly defined progression path, so you know exactly what is expected of you so you can put your career in your own hands. And what’s more, you’re not expected to know it all – we believe in continually striving to be an expert in your subject matter of expertise – so while we will purposely challenge you to grow in SEO/PPC/Google Analytics, we are a full-service agency that has experts in other departments that handle everything else – from link building, social media, web design, and web development. So you can truly master your trade.

Our goal is to hire 50+ team members over the next 36 months in South Africa, and we’ve recently opened our office in Cape Town to help us achieve this goal.

What We’re Looking For…

The world moves at a pace that keeps getting faster and faster — every day, there seem to be breakthroughs in science and new developments in manufacturing and industrialization. At WebFX, we’re looking for a talented, research-minded writer who’s excited to explore the worlds of popular science, innovation, and manufacturing. Someone who’s passionate about covering everything from metal fabrication to industrial automation using artificial intelligence, from sanitation/hygiene tests to material handling products, and from air compressors to electronics manufacturing.

We want you to be driven by a love for knowledge in the innovation, manufacturing, and futurism spaces and have a knack for asking the right questions to fuel your research. Whatever the topic, you are experienced in reading and parsing professional/academic research, authoritative sources, and data sets. In your writing, you know how to translate that information into copy that’s user-friendly and in line with a client’s specific voice and style.

We’re looking for someone who’s excited by the idea of diving deep into topics in this industry and helping drive results with the copy you write. If this sounds like you, get in touch!

Desired Skills

  • Backgrounds spanning any and all industries- Preference given to digital and B2B experience
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Fulltime 42.5 hours per week
  • Extreme care of content to capture the voice and style of our clients
  • Requires a reliable laptop, office equipment, and Internet access
  • 18+ months of professional writing experience

What You’ll Do


  • If you’re seeking a long-term partnership, we’d love to hear from you.
  • Write and self-edit an array of content types, from blog posts to sales copy to long-form content, etc
  • Work with over 1,000+ different publishers on the web/in the media, ranging from entertainment and lifestyle to industry-specific opportunities
  • Find flexibility in a 42.5-hour/week full-time position as you tackle assignments from the location of your choosing


This position is fully remote! Work from anywhere as long as you have a great Internet connection and a comfortable workspace.


Our “Bootcamp” web marketing training program will be provided for new WebFX “family members” to learn, grow, and develop in and out of the office with the hard skills necessary to be successful in their positions.

State-of-the-art training amenities to facilitate departmental training, industry-related updates, and monthly Lunch-and-Learns.

Opportunities for Growth

WebFX grew 250%+ over the past 3 years, and merit-based promotional opportunities are abundant for new family members who meet or exceed position performance metrics.

What You’ll Get

The Perks of Joining Our Mission

Grow in Your Career: Each of our partners benefits from our world-class training program. As part of our mission, we commit to helping our team and partners stay on the leading edge of the industry. We achieve this through ongoing training programs, incentives for learning, and more.

Longevity: Current team members in this position have been in the role for over 10 years.

Make a Difference: WebFX strives to not only improve the lives of our clients and everyone who works for them but to make a tangible difference on a global level as well. Through #FXBuilds, our goal is to positively change the lives of 10,000 people by 2024. Your work will contribute to #FXBuilds by helping us reach client goals!

Performance Bonuses: Eligible for performance bonuses.


Negotiable, based on experience

Working Hours

The core position hours are Monday through Friday – 4 AM EST until 2 PM EST/New York Time Zone in order to accommodate our clients’ schedules

Candidates interested in the Digital Marketing Specialist Account Manager position may also have interest in:

Digital marketing, online marketing, paid advertising, search marketing, inbound marketing, web marketing, social media, content marketing, PPC, SEO, SEM, writing, editing, research, communications, social media ad management, etc.

Check out our culture on social media:




  • You don’t need to apply more than once, even if you’re interested in multiple positions – you can simply let us know! We consider all open roles when reviewing resumes and applications!

WebFX is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to providing and fostering an inclusive environment where all people, including women, minorities, LGBTQ+, and other underrepresented groups, are supported, respected, and encouraged to excel within STEM careers. Our goal as an organization is to empower our team to achieve their personal best, bring people together, and provide equal opportunity to do so regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, physical ability, disability, or political affiliation. You can learn more on our website here!

Remote Copywriter: Popular Science (Futurism/Manufacturing/Innovation/Industrialization)

Since 1996, WebFX has offered clients innovative digital marketing solutions to help them drive revenue for their businesses. Our team of over 400 experts crafts strategies for mid to large-size companies across the globe. As a leader in SEO, web design, ecommerce, website conversion, and digital marketing services, we pride ourselves on driving traffic, converting visitors, and measuring effectiveness to ultimately deliver a positive return on investment for our clients. We have an ever-expanding trophy cabinet not only for our web design, SEO, and digital marketing work but also for our company culture. In fact, we've been named the #1 Best Place to Work in PA for the last six years.
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