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  • Part Time


Position: Digital Media Off-site Writer

Our esteemed organization is actively seeking astute Off-site Writers to compose articles and blog posts encompassing a diverse array of topics. We present a structured environment where intellectual curiosity is valued and the exchange of ideas is encouraged.


The compensation structure is set at $20 per 100 words, translating approximately to an hourly wage ranging between $50 and $75, contingent upon the article’s length and the time invested in its completion.

Scope of Topics:

Potential topics span various domains, including but not limited to:

·      Health & Beauty

·      Fitness

·      Home Decor

·      Fashion

·      Sports

·      Do-It-Yourself Projects

·      Finance

·      Legal

·      Medical

·      Family/Parenting

·      Relationships

·      Real Estate

·      Restaurants

·      Contracting

We encourage writers to communicate any reservations regarding specific topics; additionally, please disclose any areas of expertise or experience to enhance content specificity and depth.


Candidates must adhere to the following prerequisites:

1. Word Processing: Utilize reputable word processing software such as Microsoft Word or Open Office for all assignments.

2. Reliability & Timeliness: Maintain a dependable internet connection and consistently meet designated deadlines.

3. Communication Skills: Exhibit proficient communication skills and respond promptly to inquiries and requests from the editorial staff.

4. Team Collaboration: Collaborate effectively with our content management and editorial teams, contributing to a harmonious and productive working environment.

We are committed to fostering a serious and professional working ambiance and are eager to welcome individuals who will contribute diligently to our content creation endeavors.

Off-site Writer

ShoutVox is a boutique digital content marketing firm based in New York City.

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