Sales Development Representative

Quantum Contract Solutions

  • Full Time

Quantum Contract Solutions

  • Full Time

Quantum Contract Solutions

Job brief

We are looking for a highly organized, detail-oriented individual with excellent communication and customer service skills to join our disruptive company in the role of Sales Development Representative.

Quantum is a new type of company that combines technology and expertise to allow Construction Contractors access to top-level contractual expertise at an affordable price point.

We have been a finalist in the Telstra Best of Business for Innovation and Outstanding Growth categories, winning awards in Business News Australia, CEO Magazine, and RISE Businesses awards.

This is a long-term opportunity with our rapidly expanding company, offering opportunities for quick advancement for top performers.

While this is advertised as a “remote” or a “work from home” role, we need to be clear that we consider the role a traditional “office role,” except you happen to be able to work from home.

We offer flexibility in the role, but if you are looking for a work-from-home role where you can go missing for parts of the day unannounced or work an additional job during your work hours, then this role is not for you.

The Problem Your Role Is Solving for Our Business

  • Maintaining or increasing the volume of dials
  • Create more opportunities via booking Sales Calls for the Account Executives.
  • Helping with local market knowledge to recruit and train fantastic/ hardworking, and ambitious SDRs
  • Increasing the Number of Construction Companies that we can help contractually to save them money and reduce their risk

Expectations of the Role

  • An average of 200+ dials per day.
  • 16-18 Sales Calls booked per month (Variable Target)
  • 10-12 monthly Sales calls show up (Variable Target).
  • Develop a good relationship with the Sales Manager.
  • Contribute to a team of hardworking and ambitious SDRs.
  • Embody and demonstrate our core values and culture.


  • Generate pipeline for Quantum Contract Solutions with the assigned location prospects
  • Generate top-of-funnel meetings using our sales development playbook sales stack
  • Qualify opportunities by asking thoughtful questions and insightful conversations
  • Nurture prospects who are not yet ready to book a meeting with an AE
  • Validate targeting and messaging in the assigned target market
  • Attending Team Meetings, Role Plays, and weekly 1:1s
  • Reporting to the Sales Manager

Success in this Role Looks Like

  • Demonstrate our core values and culture with your approach to work
  • Learn our processes, systems, and scripts
  • Learn our client’s global problems & process problems quickly, plus our solutions
  • Make an effort to be part of the global team even with time-zone restrictions
  • Find ways to improve pick-up rates
  • Find ways to improve our script to increase launches booked
  • Assist in developing new processes for helping new SDR starters
  • Learn from online resources and suggest tangible ways to improve our cold-calling performance

At Quantum, everyone is expected to embody our CORE VALUES and CULTURE as listed below:

Core values

  • Constant Improvement
  • Radical Transparency, Honesty & Ownership
  • Over-Delivery
  • Courage


  • We like mistakes. Mistakes mean we improve.
  • We blame the process, not the person.
  • We don’t lie or dodge issues that we know are our mistakes. We take ownership & quickly fix what went wrong in the process.
  • We take radical ownership of our role in the business and everything below it. (Think “it’s always my responsibility”)
  • We know that success is by repeating successful actions and relishing in the boring work because we know others won’t.
  • Our superpower is that we take action quickly – Speed is King
  • Our families and personal goals are important to Quantum.
  • We know that it is “EVERYONE’s” responsibility to improve Quantum.
  • If we have any problem – we speak up without fear of reprise – everyone has a voice.
  • We are accomplishment-oriented, not activity-oriented. Activity doesn’t equal accomplishment.
  • The default time for completion is the end of the day unless stated otherwise
  • Better, More, New
  • Ready, Fire, Aim
  • Accelerated Failure
  • Critical feedback is cherished
  • No Bugs Under Rocks
  • We make decisions based on data, not emotions

This role may not be suitable for everyone. We therefore seek a person who is committed to contributing to the team effort in building something together and understands that the company’s success benefits all team members.


  • Remote


  • Sales

Employment Type

  • Full-Time

Salary Offer

  • 1200 AUD starting salary but will move to 1500 AUD after 3 months probation has passed.
  • Sales Commission will be discussed on the call.

Sales Development Representative

Get the Contracts System That Construction Company Owners, CEOs, MDs & GMs All Over Have Been Talking About… To succeed in the construction industry, you need to: 1. Deliver onsite - (we can't help you with this) - This helps your reputation, referred work, and repeated work. 2. But you also need to be able to deliver commercially. (This is where we help). 3. If you can't consistently make a healthy profit on each project, it doesn't matter if you have all referred or repeated work in the aren't going to be able to do it. If you're looking to: ✓ reduce your risk by a factor of ten ✓ make more project profit ✓ have better project cash flow

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