Monolith Seo

SEO AI Content Writer & Manager

Monolith SEO

  • Full Time
  • 40 Hours (anywhere within 9am - 10pm Thailand timezone)
  • 800 USD / Month

Monolith SEO

  • Full Time
  • 40 Hours (anywhere within 9am - 10pm Thailand timezone)
  • 800 USD / Month

Monolith SEO

About The Role

We are searching for an SEO AI Content Writer and Manager. This individual should be proficient in writing SEO content utilising AI, editing it and posting to WordPress.

Our perfect candidate is an SEO content writer (before AI) who is now leveraging AI to write SEO content at a greater output.

We are in the process of scaling up our SEO operation, primarily focused on ecommerce SEO and Local SEO. The content we need can range from product pages, category pages, topical content, to local content.

This role is about following refined processes to create large amounts of content, managing it, and uploading it.

There is opportunity for this role to grow into a leadership position, overseeing the SEO content team.


  • Write and edit AI content, following a structured process
  • Manage AI content production pipeline
  • Upload, format and schedule content on WordPress
  • Work with and manage relevant Airtable bases and Google Sheets.
  • Provide general assistance as required

About You

  • Communicative – You can write and speak clearly.
  • Attention to Detail – You value accuracy and quality in your work.
  • Self-Learner – You can learn from training materials without help and take initiative.
  • Process-Oriented – You can work well in a structured, repetitive environment.


  • Native English
  • SEO content writing experience (preferably before AI)
  • Familiarity using WordPress
  • Strong understanding of Google Sheets.
  • Proficient data entry skills.
  • Ability to self-directed learn (e.g. you will be given learning resources)


  • Experience with Airtable.
  • Experience writing AI content using tools like ChatGPT.
  • Familiarity with prompt engineering.
  • Proficiency in using Ahrefs, conducting SEO keyword research etc.
  • Advanced Google Sheets skills.
  • Experience interacting with ChatGPT API (such as with Google Sheets or Airtable)

Tools You’ll Use

  • Airtable
  • Google Sheets
  • WordPress
  • AI Research Tools such as Perplexity
  • AI Content Tools including ChatGPT, Zimmwriter, Frase, and Grammarly.


Start date Immediately (within September 2023)

SEO AI Content Writer & Manager

SEO lead generation company

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